Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Favourite Artist

I love Alex Turner! His full name is Alexander David Turner. Alex was born on 6 January 1986. He is vocalist and guitarist for band Arctic Monkeys. Oh ya, he is songwriter too. This band is English indie rock band. They are from United Kingdom.

Why I love Alex Turner so much? Of course because he is so handsome! I like his messy hair and his smile. The other reason why I like him is because he is so talented. He can singing, playing guitar and create a song.

He always perform with his band, Arctic Monkey. The most favorite song that I love to hears are Baby I'm Yours, Teddy Picker, Adolescent Fluorescent, Brianstorm, Crying Lightning and My Propeller. But for me, Baby I'm Yours song is more meaningful to myself. If I hear that song, I fall in love again and again =)

Lets hear the song =) 

There are some picture of Alex Turner.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Ghost Story

Hi, I want to share to all of you about 'toyol'. One of my neighbor have this type of ghost. I know that she defend toyol since I in primary school. What I know about it is, she got toyol because of the descent. Maybe the toyol is from his late parents.

One day, all of my neighbors have been chaotic because the owner of 'toyol' crying and busy looking her 'toyol'. She came to every house including my house and ask us, whether we found her son, that means the 'toyol'.

Another story about that 'toyol' is when my cousin shocked when saw the 'toyol' in front of my gate's house. My cousin is person that can see ghost, because he have a lot of experience of ghost. At that time, he ran and told our family, that he saw the 'toyol'.  Luckily, no my parent's money have been stolen. Thats all about my story.

p/s : this is a real story. Until today, my neighbor still defend his son, that is 'toyol'.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Childhood Memories During Ramadhan.

Ramadan is month for all Muslim in the world fasting. After Ramadan, we will celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is in Syawal. At this time, I would like to share to all of you about my childhood memories during Ramadan. I'm starting fast when I in standard 5. It actually quit late, right? Maybe, at that time, I felt so tired when come back from school. But, when I in secondary school, I'm finished 30 days fasting without any problem.

I also always follow my grandparents went to mosque to do Tarawikh when I in primary school. At that time, I like to go tarawikh because I can meet my classmates and pray together. After tarawikh, we have our 'mohreh'. But now, my grandfather was passed away, and my grandmother not very healthy because of her breast cancer. I'm really missed that moment.

Actually, childhood on Ramadan is the best memories in my life because I can fully fasting at home.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

10 facts about me..

1. Love purple colour

I'm a person that really like purple color. I love to buy things like clothes, shawls, toiletries and stationery in purple color. For me, purple is more better and sweet color than pink. I dont like pink so much and I dont know why. I like purple color since I in secondary school. But, some of my friends and my family said they felt bored look me when I always wear purple clothes. So, at this time I would like to try a variety of color.

2. Blogwalking

I really love and love and love blogwalking!! I like to spend my time in my room and surf the internet to view interesting and adorable blog. For me, blog can reduce my stress and I also can get a lot of knowledge when read a blog. I like to read honeykoyuki.blogspot. The writer is Fatin Liyana and she is medical student at Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. She have a lot of followers and I'm one of them.

3. Winnie The Pooh.

Why I really like Winnie The Pooh? I think Pooh is very cute and charming cartoon. I like this type of cartoon since I in secondary school. Almost of my friends and my family know about this. So, they like to give me, Pooh doll as my birthday present. One of my Pooh doll, can sing a song " I Love You" when we press its heart. That Pooh doll are one of my birthday present from my friend.

5. Single but not available.

Because, he worth it !! I starting know this guy at my primary school. I know him because he is school prefect. At that time, I am in standard 2 and he in standard 6. But, I never talk to him and just only know his name. He got a good result in his UPSR and continues his studies at a boarding school. Since then, I never see him again. But, we started close since chat on facebook. Until now, we are still together. <3

6. Shy person.

I think I'm person that is very shy. I do not talk with strangers, just have a conversation with someone who familiar with me. I know I have to increase my confident level. Sometimes, I feel so jealous when see someone talk in front of class with higher confident level. I hope, one day, I will change this bad attitude and become a new person..

7.  Not interested carbonated drink.

Everyone knows these carbonated drinking are not a good to our healthy. For me, the ingredients in the drinks has shown the badness such as high with sugar and full with preservative. So, it can cause a lot of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. I'm more prefer soy bean than carbonate drink. I believe soy has a lot of benefits to our health and beauty.

8. Baby lover.

For me, baby is sweet, cute and innocent. After SPM and before further my study, I became a baby-sitter for my cousin. His name is Muhammad Nabil Haikal, and at that time, he is 1 years old. My aunt works as a teacher. So, when she go to school, I will take care of her son.  Even baby-sitting is quite difficult, but I enjoyed it. :)

9. Chocolate and me.

I love to eat chocolate. I believe that chocolate make me calm and happy when I eat it. My favorite chocolate is Cadbury. I think Cadbury is one of the famous brand of chocolate and everyone knows about it. The price also cheap and everyone can buy it. The taste of chocolate is very delicious and what I know is, chocolate can reduce our stress.

10. Magic mirror.

I can't live without this thing !! I think, all ladies love this thing too. For me, mirror is one of the important thing to us, because we can be more confident after look at the mirror. I always bring a mirror in my handbag and look at it before I go out.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My sister is my bestfriend.

This week, I would like to share about my sister. She is my best friend forever too.

Nur Hanani Kaharuddin

She is my sister, 2nd from our siblings. I called her, Nany. She was born on 8th January 1993 at Hospital Segamat, Johor. Her primary school is SK Kemelah and she finished her studied at SMK Tenang Stesen. Now she is 18 years old.

She is the most close siblings to me. If I had a problems, I like to share with her. For me, she is understanding person. She also matured, more matured than me although I am the eldest. She always give me an advise and support me in anything that I do. 

Nany also love to cook. If I come back to my home, she always ask me if I want to eat something, and she will cook for me. See, she like the eldest and I'm her younger sister! She also always help my mother at home compared with me.

She also always help my other siblings doing their homework. My youngest brother always complained to me, that she is fierce and he afraid with Nany. But, for me that characteristic shows that she is responsible person. 

She don't like to go out. She always stay at home and only go out when I ask her to follow me. She loves to watching television during her free time. That all about my sister and my best friend too. :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My BEL 311 classmates.

Hi, right now I want to share with all of my readers about my BEL 311 classmates. Enjoy it ya!

a) Muhammad Azri

This is Azri, and all of us called him, Ayie. We are in same class from semester 2. He is from Kuala Lumpur. In my view, Ayie is one of my classmates that love to talk.He also addicted with his DSLR camera and like to take picture. Sometimes, Ayie came late to our class. I think, that situation happen because he is too busy with a lot of event in UiTM.

b) Muhammad Afiq

Afiq is one of the smartest guy in my class. I know that he got Dean for every semester. He is ex-class representation for last semester. He is from Kajang, Selangor. He is really serious when study and just talk a bit. In my view, Afiq's best friend is Hakiim. They always do assignment together.

c) Ahmad Syahir

Syahir, is one of the boys that close to me in the class. We were close together since semester 1. He is from Petaling Jaya and was born on 14th April 1992. For me, Syahir is responsible guy. He does his work properly when he been a class rep at semester 1. I know, he is good being leader.

d) Muhammad Syahfie

Syafie, or Pie is my best friend too, other than Syahir. He is from Kluang, Johor. Syahfie is our class rep for this semester. He is funny and like to use Jawanese language when talk with me even I dont understand what he say. He also has a beautiful voice and have a good knowledge about our religion.

e) Muhammad Hakiim.

Hakimm, in my view is the most quite and shy guy in my class. He is from Jasin, Melaka. He is Afiq's best friend. They always do assignment and hang out together. He always sit beside Afiq during the class. Besides that, Hakimm also gentle and kind to our classmates.

1) Sayang Zuliza

Sayang Zuliza or Sayang is from Batu Pahat, Johor. In my view, Sayang is shy and quiet person. Besides that, she has a cute face and love to smile. What I like about Sayang are, she is humble and polite. Her best friends are Amy, Fazlin and Haneefa. They always went to class and do an assignment together.

2) Zafeera Aswani

Zafeera is interesting girl, like her name. She is from Malacca. In my view, she is hard working person and serious in the class. Same with Sayang Zuliza, Zafeera is a humble and polite girl. Her best friend is Serena. I always see they sit together in the class.

3) Nurfarahin Zuhairi

Farahin is our assistant class rap for this semester. She is from Selangor. For me, she do her work properly and full with responsible. She always come early to class and sit besides Hannah, Afizah and Farah. Besides that, she love to smile and and i like her eyes because it like Chinese look.

4) Nurul Fatin Hannah.

Hannah, in my view is beautiful girl. She wear a spectacles. She love to smile and talk with us. Hannah also smart and intelligent person. For an information, she from Kajang, Selangor. What I know about her, she love cats very much. So, I think she is caring person. Her best friends are Farah, Afizah and Farahin.

5) Nurfarah Syafikha

Farah, what I know about her is, she is combined born from Chinese and Malay and can speak Mandarin. She is from Johor Bahru. She have a beautiful eyes and hair. In my view, Farah is talkative person. She love to talk with us and make us laugh. She also know how to keep a secret and can be a good friend to us.

6) Noor Afizah

Fiza, she has a same nick name with me. Sometimes, I be a little bit confused when our lecturer or friends call Fiza, because I thought they called me, but I'm wrong. Same with Farah, she is from Johor Bahru. For me, Fiza is independent girl. She also like to laugh and make a joke with us.

7) Nurfarahin Adnan.

Farahin, or Dain is from Muar, Johor. In my view, Dain's style is look like boyish. She is happy go lucky, talkative, independent and love to laugh. Besides that, she is simple type of person. Her best friends are Elyza and Afiqah. They always make an assignment and come to class together.

8) Serena

Serena, same with Dain is from Muar, Johor. For me, she is the most quiet girl in my class. Mybe she shy with us. She like to do her work alone. But, Serena like to smile and her smile is beautiful. In my view, she just talk if needed.

9) Yuslina

Yuslina, or Yus is polite and humble person. She has a fair skin and addicted with Koean movies. She is from Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. Most of my classmates say that her face is similar with our lecturer, Pn. Iffa and I think so! For me, Yus is kind and a good friends too. Her best friends are Hidayah, Hafini and Azmah.

10) Ana Shazreen.

Ana Shazreen, or Ana is from Malacca. She is talkative and independent person. She love to laugh in the class. For me, Ana is cute girl. Besides that, Ana is open minded girl, we can talk about any topic with her. Nurul Herdayani, Zahirah Ezzaty and Nurul Fatin are her best friends.

11) Nurul Herdayani

Nurul Herdayani , or Nurul is one of our friends that is very funny. Most of us called her, Cik Com. She love to talk and laugh. When she talk, most of us will laugh too and I think she is happy go lucky person. She is free-hair girl. As information, she is from Klang, Selangor. She always come to class with Ana Shazreen.

12) Hanis Syahira

Hanis, is one of the my best friends. We were friend together from semester 2. She is from Malacca. For me, Hanis is kind and friendly person. She also always helps me when I had a problem. In my view, Hanis is hard working and always study hard. Even now she had quit, we still contact. As her best friends, I always wish her best in her life.

13) Nur Hafizah

Thats me!

14) Noor Azmah

Noor Azmah, or Azmah is from Muadzam Shah, Pahang. In my view, she is very humble, independent and simple person. I like to talk with her, because she is funny too. She also kind to everyone and helpfully person. Besides that, she is one of the cutest girl in my class.

15) Nur Hafini

Hafini is cute like her name. She is friendly and kind person. But, she is little bit quite and shy with boys in my class. She just talk when needed. Hafini is from Batu Pahat, Johor. She also wear a spectacle. In addition, she is humble and polite girl.

16) Noor Hidayah

Noor Hidayah or Dayah, is 20 years old, same like me. She is from Taiping, Perak. She is intelligent person and got Dean for every semester. Besides that, she is kind and helpful person. When I had a problem with my studies, she always help me. Her bestfriends are Hafini and Azmah. They are from same college.

17) Zahirah Ezzaty

Zahirah Ezzaty or Along is from Kuantan, Pahang. About her style, is more to boyish style. What I know about her is, she love football. Even that, she is beautiful. Along also independent and simple person. I always see she hangs out with Fatin, Ana, and Nurul. They are her best friends, and they always do an assignment together.

18) Nur Fatin.

Fatin, or Atin is free-hair girl. She has a cute face, like a baby and have a fair skin. She is indepedent girl, thats dont like make a trouble to other person. Besides that, she is talkative, happy go lucky and like to laugh. Atin is from Kuala Lumpur.

19) Nurul Fetri

Nurul Fetri, or Fetri is my best friends. We were friends together from semester 1. At the first time I saw her, I thought she is arrogant person, but actually she is kind. She is from Segamat, and was born on 10th April 1992. Fetri is helpful and she always help me in my studies. In addition, Fetri is hard working, independent and  smart girl. I know, Fetri can successful in her life based on her attitudes.

20) Haifa Marni

Haifa, is one of the quite girl in the class. But, she is brilliant girl, she got Dean for evey semester. In my view, she is independent girl. She just come to class and do her work alone. Haifa love to smile and her smile is beautiful. She also know how to watch her manner.

21) Nurul Fazlin

Nurul Fazlin is from Sepang, Selangor. Most of us called her Fazlin. She love to smile. For me, she is humble and polite person. But, Fazlin is little bit quite and shy in the class. Her best friends are Amy,Sayang and Haneefa. They always come to class together.

22) Amy Rashidah

Amy Rashidah or Amy is a little bit childish. She loves anime and Korean movies very much. What I know about her is, she is from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and love drawing. In my view, Amy is humble and quite person. She just talk with her best friends. Her best friends are Fazlin, Haneefa and Sayang Zuliza.

23) Haneefa

Haneefa, is from Kuantan, Pahang. Her confident level is high when talk in front of class. In my view, Haneefa is independent person. She also happy go lucky and love to smile to others. Haneefa wear a spectacles. She only hangs out with girl in my class.

Monday, 20 June 2011

My Lovely Roommates.

Hi, I want to share with all of you about my roommates. At this semester, I got 3 new roommates. All of them are part 3 students, except one of them, which is part 2 student. Oh ya, all my roommates are Johorian Lets know them better.


My first roommate is Nur Syazwani Binti Mat Isa. I call her, Wanie. She was born on 23rd June 1992 in Hospital Batu Pahat. Her last secondary school is at Science Johore Secondary School, Kluang. She is part 3 student, who takes Diploma in Accounting. She love to eat spaghetti. For me, she is good friend and sometimes talkative. She love to talk with all of my roommates and share her problems and stories with us.


My second roommate is Nurazie Lyiana Binti Nordin. I call her, Azie. She was born at Hospital Segamat on 27th April 1992. Before she come back to her hometown ,she was stayed at Cameron Highland. She finished her secondary school at SMK Dato' Bentara Dalam, Segamat. She is part 2 student and take Diploma in Business Study. She has 3 siblings and she's the eldest. She is happy go lucky person and always think positively. Oh ya, she love to eat too and her favourite food is tom yam.


My third roommate is Roskhaliza Binti Selamat. I call her, Liz. She is 19 years old and was born on 21st February 1992 at Hospital Kota Tinggi. Her last secondary school is at SMK Kota Tinggi. She loves to eat macaroni. She is part 3 student, who takes same course with me, that is Diploma in Information Management. For me, Liz also happy go lucky person and kind too. She always helps me buying food because I'm lazy to buy it. She also the tallest one in my room.

Kak Ana

Lastly, I would like to share about my only one senior in this room. She is Norfarhana Binti Isa. I call her, Kak Ana. She was born on 6th January 1990 at Hospital Tangkak. She had finished her secondary school at SMK Tun Mamat. Now, she is part 6 student and take Diploma in Business Study. At this time, she is illegal in our room because she has problem with her college. But, I don't mind with that because I know her since my last semester. For me, she is talkative and pretty. She is clever person, that always study hard to get a good result. I wish all the best for her and all of my roommates too.