Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Favourite Artist

I love Alex Turner! His full name is Alexander David Turner. Alex was born on 6 January 1986. He is vocalist and guitarist for band Arctic Monkeys. Oh ya, he is songwriter too. This band is English indie rock band. They are from United Kingdom.

Why I love Alex Turner so much? Of course because he is so handsome! I like his messy hair and his smile. The other reason why I like him is because he is so talented. He can singing, playing guitar and create a song.

He always perform with his band, Arctic Monkey. The most favorite song that I love to hears are Baby I'm Yours, Teddy Picker, Adolescent Fluorescent, Brianstorm, Crying Lightning and My Propeller. But for me, Baby I'm Yours song is more meaningful to myself. If I hear that song, I fall in love again and again =)

Lets hear the song =) 

There are some picture of Alex Turner.

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